Movements, charity, celebrity and the actions of the ordinary Man

Many celebrities are speaking up about global concerns. Because of this, ranging from health to global warming, the first image most of us usually remember is that of a famous person. In this vein I had a chance to listen to Matt Damon and Gary White share their concerns on the world water crisis. The conversation was aired on the Morning Edition way back in April 21st of this year. I heard about it because of the name attached. It simply drew me in. After all, Matt Damon is one of the most recognized actors in the world. He was noted by Forbes to be one among the most bankable stars. And Gary White; to a layman, is known as the co-founder of Water Org, once the shock of Matt Damon being his partner settles in. Wrapping my head around the fact that Matt Damon co-founded this company was not easy. Water Org is a pretty big company and pretty valuable in the effort of improving peoples’ lives. In their words; it was ‘created to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to developing countries.’

And while I listened, I equally wondered what the impact was of having such famous ‘faces’ airing such big concerns. Because, these are big concerns! We will be talking about them for years to come. Should they have a unique ‘face’ attached to it?

There is only one problem with using celebrities, or any famous faces, for charity work. Of course it is easier to spread a message and raise awareness through a public figure, like Leonardo DiCaprio on global warming. Not to mention the power he has to publicly speak against the president and get a reaction. I still remember his statements against Trump being used by Times for a rather imposing heading; ‘Our planet was threatened by Trump’s careless decision.’  It was satisfying to see and the reason I have momentarily lost my train of thought. And it is, what if the normal ‘ordinary’ man is lost in the background of such popularity? What if my own humble voice is of no importance? After all, I cannot demand an audience with the United Nations or force a reaction from world governments. There is no personal story of such great woe or inspiration that I dare to share, or have to begin with. Simply put, the ordinary is not as important as Matt Damon appearing in an event.

We cannot leave it that way. At par with the efforts of our celebrities, the ordinary man must also find their voice and speak with it. It is the everyday man that is most important in putting together the building blocks of a great future or bringing about a great change. I choose to see celebrities as a beacon that shines brighter but not above all the other little lights that move towards this change. We need to be inspired by their sacrifice and momentum to involve ourselves in charity. However little or big everyone needs to get involved in building, speaking up, defending the less fortunate and creating a world that moves for all. Celebrities offer us one very important thing. Interest!

When a calamity or concern is brought to the full attention of the people because of a famous face, it is priceless. That interest is very vital at a time when nothing is being said or done. And it needs to carry on. It needs to involve more people in the effort of improving lives.

So, with that said, I am going to apply myself as equally as all others who choose to speak up. And this is how everyone else can:

  1. Apply to various newsletters from different organizations. If they even sneeze, pass it along to your friends and neighbours. Remember that awareness goes a long way in solving concerns.
  2. Write about matters that most interest you. And you don’t have to be a writer or journalist to do so. Little posts about a concern, in your own language, can be joined together with a global movement.
  3. Share these concerns with organizations that work tirelessly towards expected results. CMC is open for posts on all these concerns and I am sure many other organizations will welcome your thoughts. Just send us an email!
  4. Last is all to do with attitude and behavior. While ending global poverty seems impossible at first, it is a something we should concern ourselves with. We just need a positive attitude to create a possible plan. And when it comes to sanitation and littering, a change of behavior goes miles.

Don’t let the next time a celebrity speaks up about a concern catch you by surprise. Be part of the movements and join the conversations.


Author: Tracy Abekah


2 Replies to “Movements, charity, celebrity and the actions of the ordinary Man”

  1. Great article. It may also be important to point out that there is much more to life, early marriages, child labor, unemployment for the youth, care of the old age may just be a few more world concerns that people need to seriously talk about. Celebrity or no celebrity, let us strive to leave this world a better place than we found it. Bless bless!!

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    1. Thank you. I agree absolutely! The celebrity is not the final or the first step, everyone must start talking seriously about all these great concerns. We will venture into many of these topics and share the views of the world and what we can do to make it better.


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